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Joe Dunn is an attorney proud to be called uncommon. Raised by hard-working parents in a modest home, Joe served in the U.S. Navy and then worked hard to earn his degrees. Today, Joe is a respected lawyer with focus in personal injury and workers’ compensation litigation. Joe grew up in Pekin, Illinois and represents clients from his hometown and the rest of Tazewell County.
Joe Dunn has established a reputation for effective and efficient legal services in central Illinois. Joe will work collaboratively with his staff on your case to develop a strategy and effectuate a resolution. You can be confident that you are obtaining experienced, comprehensive and compassionate legal representation and advocacy. For more information regarding a legal concern or to speak with Joe, call 309-346-4222.

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Free Case Evaluation

Free Case Evaluation

Joe Dunn is a different kind of attorney. You have to meet him to see the difference. He’s not afraid to go to court and fight for what’s right.

Let us know if you’d like a free consultation. You’ll meet with Joe and share the details of your case and get his honest feedback so you know what to expect during the process.

Joe is somebody that can take the bull by the horns and get you through it. I'd be in a world of hurt without Joe Dunn.


Joe assisted me through the entire process after the accident ... so I could take care of my family. I'm very glad to have known Joe.