When a family member suffers brain damage in a serious accident, the entire family endures a period of turmoil. Whether an injured individual spends weeks in a coma, has amnesia after a severe blow to the head, or suffers a minor concussion, the challenges can seem endless, and complications can arise quickly.

In addition to the pain, suffering, grief and loss associated with any closed head injury, for severe injuries there are likely to be mounting medical bills, lost income and financial support, and seemingly endless rehabilitation and therapy costs. The injured individual and his or her family also worry about the possibility of recovering full brain function and the cost of future or long-term care needs.

When tragedy somehow finds its way into your family, Joe Dunn is here to help. He will seek the maximum compensation available to help alleviate the financial challenges associated with the accident. Contact him to discuss your needs.

There are many factors that can cause someone to suffer brain damage. For example, an infant may have brain damage resulting from an injury at birth, an individual may suffer a traumatic brain injury (TBI) in a motor vehicle accident or a patient may suffer brain trauma as a result of medical malpractice. Falls, construction site accidents, truck accidents, and workplace accidents are other common causes of TBI.

In addition, there are many types and severity of head trauma, including:

  • Frontal lobe injury
  • Occipital lobe injury
  • Hypoxic brain injury
  • Concussion
  • Perforation / penetration brain injury

Joe Dunn is committed to helping victims of traumatic brain injury get the compensation they need to get them on the road to recovery.

Many people who suffer brain damage suffer from blurry vision, loss of memory, loss of motor skills or even loss of ability to speak or effectively communicate. Things like working or even caring for oneself become unlikely. Joe offers thorough representation in cases of traumatic brain injury. He works hard to show the liable insurance company or a jury the full extent of negligence that occurred as well as the full impact of the injury on the individual and family.

He uses leading experts and specialists to determine the current and long-term care needs of the individual and the family. We pursue the compensation our clients need for current and future medical expenses, expenses associated with long-term care and rehabilitation therapy, income lost due to decreased earning capacity, and pain and suffering.