As a consumer, you have the right to feel protected and to be protected against dangerous or malfunctioning products. Unfortunately, many products continue to be released into the market despite their capacity for serious harm. Joe Dunn has a successful record of pursuing claims against negligent manufacturers, distributors, and retailers for the sale of dangerous products.

Liability for a dangerous product may fall into one of the following categories:

joedunn-categories-improper-labelingFailure to warn/improper labeling: you may be able to recover if you were injured by a dangerous product that was improperly labeled or did not display a proper label of warning.

joedunn-categories-defective-designDefective design: recovery is available where a product was improperly designed and inherently unsafe to a consumer

joedunn-categories-manufacturing-defectManufacturing defect: where the product was defectively manufactured causing injury to the consumer

Joe Dunn is dedicated to bringing maximum compensation to victims injured by products modified or sold in the stream of commerce. Joe will aggressively and tenaciously seek to recover for your medical expenses, pain and suffering, long-term care costs, and any punitive damages that you may be able to recover.

Joe will pursue claims involving all of the following:

  • Automobile parts: seat-belts, airbags
  • Household products: lawn mowers, gas grills
  • Car seats
  • Tools or machinery
  • Children’s toys
  • Electrical appliances: hair dryers

If you or a loved one were injured by a dangerous product, do not wait to contact Joe Dunn. He will immediately begin an investigation into your case to determine the cause of accident and identify every responsible party. Joe will remain dedicated to your case from the initial consultation through the trial process until your case is finalized. Joe is dedicated to client-driven results and maximum compensation.

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When a client is injured in as the result of a product defect, design or poor labeling, we fight in order to help them manage medical bills, adjust their way of life, provide resources when they’re off work, and to compensate those who help them through recovery. Here are some recent results:

Results Description Location
$500,000 Defective Oven/Severed Ulnar Nerve Peoria County
$125,000 Defective Hair Product/Burns Peoria County